Monday, June 13, 2005

Female Problems

Holy cow, I hate when I'm condescend to.

There was a big-ol' dust storm this weekend, about an ad on a major blog that had a scene that can be considered degrading to women. No, I'm not linking to either thing. You want to see that sort of thing, go find it on your own time. Normally, I could give a crap about sexy ads, like the Paris Hilton one, or one out of three beer ads. If your target audience is men, using visuals of sexy women is tried-and-true. Everyone's got hormones. So normally, I just ignore it, and move on, assuming that men, as a whole do not think that women are either "nice people", or "feminists".

But then, well, then I started to read the posts that this dust-up was inspiring. Holy Christ on a cracker. Seeing the line "the crowd who dares not shave their legs" pissed me off. Well at least now I know. What do I know? I've made a list:

  1. I have no sense of humor

  2. My personal hygiene is lacking

  3. I represent all that is good and decent in the world by virtue of simply being female

  4. I represent all that is wrong and twisted in this world by having an opinion of my own and not settling down with some nice man and reproducing

  5. No candidate can win without people like me, we're the majority voice

  6. I somehow don't deserve to make as much money as a man doing the same job because of reasons 1-5.

  7. Reason 6 *proves* I don't have a sense of humor, See?

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