Monday, June 6, 2005

Perhaps We Can't All Just Get Along

Hizbollah polls win bolsters defiance on arms

OK, Hizbollah (Hezbollah, however you want to spell it, it's just not English, OK?) wins polls. They obviously have the support of the Lebanese people.
Hizbollah -- which the United States labels a terrorist group -- has rejected the Security Council resolution which calls for disarming the group and has vowed to fight to the death any attempts to forcibly take away its weapons.

It says it is willing to engage other Lebanese in dialogue over its arms but that it would keep them as a defense against Israel, which occupied the south for 22 years until 2000.

"We will face any attempt to disarm the resistance," Amal leader and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri told reporters. "The resistance is the natural result of Israel's aggression and its wars and massacres against Lebanon."
So they're saying that Israel is attacking them, and that the Security Council resolution is invalid. This is a group that engages in terrorist acts of violence as their form of "fighting back". No formal army maneuvers are sufficient for them, I guess. They aren't the Lebanese army, but they're enough of a threat that the UN Security council wants them to "disarm".

These are the people doing well in the Lebanese polls? Well, I guess that my answer is, "No. We can't all just get along". Violence begets violence, people. Try to remember that.

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