Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unexpected Consuquences

I've started making macaroni & cheese from scratch. I use corn starch or flour, butter, skim milk, spices, cheddar, gruyere, and Dreamfields macaroni. It's lower in fat than the pre-made mixes, higher in protein, and very, very tasty. What surprises me about it is the cost.

A serving of my homemade mac & cheese costs 10 times a comparable serving size of the boxy powdered stuff, and 5 times the cost of the "deluxe" boxed mix that has pre-mixed cheese sauce.

A serving of my mac & cheese is about $2.33. It's pretty cheap, as meals go! I can imagine making a more expensive version with higher quality cheeses, but I cannot imagine cutting the price any lower.

Real food costs 10 times more than things pretending to be food.

Eating healthier turns out to cost more, every time. It's a point that I bring up from time to time, and I thought that I'd just trot it out again, today, for fun.