Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Well, now I finally have a blog

I needed a blog, now I have one.
I've been thinking a lot about love stories, and how people in books have overwhelming passions that rule their lives. Specifically, I'm talking about people like, say, Heathcliff, who lives a bitter existence making everyone around him miserable because the woman that he wanted chose someone else for social reasons.

There are parts of my brain at war about this. The two factions are the side that thinks I should let my emotions wash over me and really experience them, and the part of me that thinks getting all worked up over things you can't change is a waste of energy. You can't get anything done like that.

Shouldn't I be spending my time focusing on the good? Wouldn't that make me a happier person in general? "Well, sure", the other side says, "but how can you justify the lack of mourning over the death of so great a gift?".