Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Update

1) Haven't even thought about working on my template until I looked at my last post.

2) Actually moved my friend's web site. Thank goodness.

3) BNL are playing at Jenk's on 5/28 at some unspecified hour between 6 and 10am. Do I dare even try to fight that crowd? I think I might be too broken for that one, and it's crushing.

4) Climate change exists. Do people cause it, or would it have happened anyway? I believe people cause it. I can see arguments for natural patterns. I cannot see arguments against trying to make the world a better place as anything but selfish and short-sighted. Basically, I have no hard proof that trying to do the right thing will succeed, but I have evidence that things at least suck less when we try.

I also believe that people who make jokes about global warming being a hoax whenever they get chilly weather between May and September are just doing that to annoy me.