Thursday, February 17, 2011


On the Ships & Dip 4 cruise, I met a guy with a banjo. His name was Zach Daniels.

It turns out that he's in the band Oakhurst. I haven't heard them, they appear to play bluegrass, which I mostly like. It's not my bread and butter, but I own some on purpose.

Zach was one of the most fun people I met. He came to karaoke wearing a white luchadore mask that had giant golden horns on it. Kind of like this one, but different colors:

Not the exact mask, but you get the idea

He signed up for a karaoke song as "Zakka Kahn", and sang "That's the Way of the World" by Earth Wind and Fire.

Also, his wife is unreasonably hot. Zach, meeting you on vacation was a total win.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Official Report

Best Cruise Ever.

While I am not thrilled at the idea of being thought of as "The large woman who sings Heart", the fact that I was thought of in the first place is absolutely thrilling.