Tuesday, June 7, 2005

I SAID Violence Begets Violence!

Deadly Israeli raid, Gaza violence hit truce
GANEI TAL, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - A Palestinian rocket attack killed two workers in a Jewish settlement in Gaza on Tuesday after Israeli forces shot dead an Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank.
I'll start out by mentioning that I kind of feel like this article leads with an anti-Israeli feeling. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive, though. OK, I'll leave off that to get to my main point.

HAMMAS IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. I don't doubt that. I'm not in favor of any "softening" in the U.S.'s position towards them. Heck, beyond being a terrorist group. They're not even a very bright one:
Israeli military sources identified the dead farm workers in the Ganei Tal settlement as a Palestinian and a Chinese national. A rocket struck a table where they and other workers were eating.

"Don't they know there are Arab workers here," a Palestinian laborer said, referring to Palestinian militants.
Nothing like firing rockets directly at the people you're supposed to be "defending".

You know what needs to happen? People need to stop firing rockets at other people. That would solve a lot of problems, right there. Then I wouldn't have to feel like I'm taking sides so often.

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