Thursday, June 2, 2005

Winners Write History

I am today in the process of joining the Big Brass Alliance, a group of bloggers supporting After Downing Street.

I have sent out 3 emails this morning, to

(A) CBS Evening News. email: phone: 212-975-3247

(B) Associated Press. email: phone: 202-776-9400 (DC) or 212-621-1500 (National News)

(C) C-Span Washington Journal. email:
(hat tip, Running Scared)

My position is this: I've seen the memo stating that the war in Iraq was a foregone conclusion, and that all the talk of WMD was just utter crap used to make the world think that we weren't the insane aggressors that we are. Why are no charges being brought anywhere, by anyone? Why are there so few media stories mentioning it?

Why do so many bloggers ask this question without an answer?

The winners write history, and I'm doing my damnedest not to be on the losing team.

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