Friday, June 24, 2005

About Freakin' Time

I do not know how many petitions I've signed, but it's a lot. It's not all of them, sometimes they're a little too far out, even for me. But today, I've learned that something I signed a petition for actually happened:

It's a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood
Congress Votes to Restore $100 Million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Statement by Eli Pariser, Executive Director of

We are delighted that we were able to help restore some of the cuts made to NPR and PBS. members sent in more than 1 million comments and made more than 40,000 calls to tell Congress to save Big Bird and Mr. Rogers. We are glad to have helped protect such an important service.
Now, according to RJ Eskow over at Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, PBS has named the "highly partisan" Patricia Harrison as their new president, so I guess it's one hand gives, and the other takes away. As long as Sesame Street's still there, and free, I'm at least a little happy.

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