Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Get Comments II

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about the murder of Jennifer Parks. My focus was on how I will never understand what happens in someone's mind that makes them think that it's OK to kill someone. Well, let me tell you, I get comments. New ones show up when the accused shows up in the news. At first, they started out as a discussion of whether or not the death penalty has any merit. Seeing as I don't actually know anyone involved in the story, that seemed fine to me, even when it got a little heated with people disagreeing. Next, though, came a personal plea to not judge:
I know this kid ... please stop talking about death penalties ... i think the police should investigate more .. john s a great person i know in your eyes he is just a killer ..... but i believe hes not //// a lot of people think hes just protecting someone else ....if u want keep him on lock but u should se how they got him.... they want to drive him crasy
I was sad for that person.

More recently, I received this message from someone who is obviously hurt by this situation, which I can see how it could be painful and confusing to a friend of the accused.
how can you people talk like that ? you think you know everything about him just because you reas it on the newspaper or watched on the tv . U have no idea . You guys just believe to one version . None of us are perfect , so we cannot judge anybody . He has a family and friends ,too. Damit ,he's just 18 years old!!! so know tell me what the hell you think about this guy who kill more 10 people , he was a nurse and just gave his patients drugs to kill them, as easy as that.U think he deserves death penalty ,too. What about the BTK guy? So please stop talking about anything if you really don't know a shit of this case .

To the first person, I apologize. You're right, I do not know any of the people involved. I cannot say, though, that I do not support the death penalty for someone who has killed another person, then dismembered them. I can say that I personally have no proof about who did this, despite the fact that his attorney has said he plans to use an insanity or diminished capacity defense, not "not guilty". Still, the thought that I should limit my conversations to theory rather than openly discuss news items, well, it's probably not going to happen. I'm sorry that you're upset, though, I'm sure it's a very hard thing to deal with.

The second person, well, I'm pretty sympathetic to her, too. Mostly because she's trying so hard to make it seem like if I don't write about condemning other killers that I condone their actions. To you I say: Yes. I support the death penalty in those cases, too. That nurse guy (Charles Cullen) is beyond insane, and so is the BTK killer. I cannot imagine that they can be made into useful members of society. This is my opinion, and I'm sorry that you don't agree.

Today, though, I got possibly the least eloquent or purposeful comment of my blogging "career". Today, someone thought that because I feel that it's wrong to kill people, then hack them to pieces and stuff the body in a trunk, that the best think to say to me would be "fuck you". Well, fuck you, too, Tom. I'm just a blogger with an opinion about a news story. Get a grip.

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