Friday, September 23, 2005

Jazz at RS Scoops the MSM

I'm mightily proud of Jazz for taking an interest in a local (to him, at least) story and reporting on it first-hand instead of just scanning the newspapers, linking to an article, and adding 2 lines of snark. Sure, sometimes we (bloggers) all do that, but without individual insight, there's no reason to actually read a blog on a regular basis. I read people who make me think. I scan people who have what I think of as "a useful list of links". I'm not going to invest time in a site with no personality.

Jazz is one of the ones with personality. I don't always agree with him, but I always find that it's worth reading what he's written. And these days, he's taken an interest of the story of The St. Patrick's Day 4. They're a group of war protesters who had a hung jury in their original local trial, and the prosecutor, rather than try them again locally, handed the case over to the feds. There are people who think they belong in jail, and there are people who support them, and a lot of them are showing up at the court house in Binghamton where the trial is taking place. Yesterday, a gentleman arrived and performed a rather startling protest of his own. Because Jazz was there, he saw this first-hand, and has his own insights on the matter and the events surrounding it.
Here stands the police officer, on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Binghamton, New York, keeping the public safely away from the blood spill with his dark glasses and his arms crossed. But look closely at his wrist. He's wearing what looks suspiciously like one of the small green wristbands worn by many of the peace activists who were there supporting the St. Patrick's Four. Doing his job, keeping the peace, but making his own quiet statement.
It's a good piece, I highly recommend reading his whole thread.

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