Friday, September 16, 2005

Good News

I cannot resist when there's actual good news to report:
Mass. lawmakers override veto of emergency contraception bill (via Atrios)
The Senate voted unanimously 37-0 to override the veto. In the House, the vote was 139-16 to override.
Opponents warned that hormones in the pills pose a health risk to some young girls and that direct pharmacy sales of the drug will promote promiscuous sex.
Oh, yeah, like without this, girls won't continue having sex. As if.

How about the concept that with this, young girls who never meant to get pregnant stand less of a chance of having an unplanned baby. Less of a chance of having to depend on the state to support her, because she has no skills, money or experience. How about the fact that there's less of a chance for unwanted children to be raised by a bitter single woman who takes out her frustrations on the person whose birth prevented her from achieving her own goals?

Let the woman who wants a child go have one, and let the woman who doesn't safely avoid it. Let's not pretend that people are actually going to practice abstinence, it's an insult to all of our intelligence.

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