Tuesday, August 2, 2005

How Does This Happen?

At what point does all moral teaching disconnect in someone's brain and make them think that it's all right to kill?


Know how I'm all in favor of not using the death penalty in crimes committed by minors? Well, 18 is no longer a minor. How in the world is it possible to not have any mechanism in your personality at all that would stop you from committing this kind of crime? What thought process happens that tells you that cutting the body up to fit it in a steamer trunk is a good idea? You see that kind of scenario in the movies all the time, but even in the movies they give them motive. Killers in the movies want money, or power, or fear someone else's power over them. Perhaps they're insane, driven over the edge by an abusive mother or father.
During questioning Sunday, Zarate told police he killed Parks during an argument, according to court documents.
"During an argument"? Just telling her to get out of his house wasn't enough? The article goes on to describe further unbelievably violent acts committed by Zarate. After doing things that are so heinous that it's stunning to think that anyone ever crosses the line and does them, this guy then decides that he'll go to a party before getting rid of the body. Oh, and he'll recruit at least one minor, possibly two to help him out with that.

This is when I'm in favor of using the death penalty. This guy doesn't know how to behave like a member of the human race.

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