Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When it comes to news, some days you just can't win

I post far too many depressing or annoying news items in my writing on Running Scared and Middle Earth Journal. That's why I thought I'd do a Google news search for something in a lighter tone while sweeping up all the peanut shells the other guest bloggers left around here over the weekend. "So what," I asked myself, "would be a nice, happy, harmless news subject to search on? I've got it! I'll do a news search on corn dogs! Everybody loves corn dogs!" So, as should have been obvious to me before even throwing the question out into the ether, what was the first search result?
Kids live alone for days on corn dogs, cold cuts, after mom dies.

Two young children lived alone for up to three days eating only frozen corn dogs and lunch meat after their mother died, according to police. Neighbors called police to the Tacoma, Wash., home over the weekend after seeing a 2-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl in dirty clothes at their house. Officers found the boy inside the home crying and the girl upstairs.

The girl directed police to her mother's bedroom where officers found the woman dead under the covers. The woman apparently died of natural causes. Authorities believe the woman had been dead since Wednesday or Thursday. Her 4-year-old had covered her up with a blanket.
And now, since it immediately depressed me, I figured I'd just depress the hell out of all of you too. Share the depression. Misery loves company, I always say. I was going to give it one more try and search on "fluffy kittens" but I'm sure the first story lede would include the phrase, "drowned in the river in a sack" or something very close to that.

I'm swearing off corn dogs for the rest of the year. You've got my word on it.

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