Wednesday, August 17, 2005

NJ Mob Bust

Hey, now here's some good news, campers.
Authorities swept up more than a dozen reputed members and associates of the Genovese crime family this morning, capping a four-year investigation of mob operations in New Jersey.

Don't know about you folks, but I am not especially proud to have New Jersey known for The Sopranos, and I never found mobsters to be glamorous people. From all accounts, they are just thugs and low-lifes, people who would rather steal than work at an honest job, scammers with no conscience or ethics who look for the easy buck and don't care how they get it or who gets hurt. So good on the feds. I hope they get the convictions, too. If they could round up all the organized crime clowns and get legitimate convictions they would certainly have my blessings and approval. Of course, they have to be legitimate arrests and convictions, and that isn't always something I take at face value.

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