Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Obvious Lesson Learned

A few months ago I posted about Palestinian bombing that seemed more random than anything. It's obvious that attacks like that are meant to injure Israelis, but the truth of the matter was that quite a few of the people that these bombings were meant to "defend" were being hurt by them. Today, Reuters reports that these people have figured out that maybe what they're doing isn't a good plan.

No rocket fire before pullout - Islamic Jihad

Don't let the titillating title distract you, it's about bombs.
GAZA (Reuters) - Islamic Jihad announced on Wednesday it was halting its rocket attacks against Israel, after a rocket fired toward an Israeli town fell short and killed a 6-year-old Palestinian boy in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian militant group denied it was one of its rockets that killed Yasser al-Ashqar. It said it took the decision to suspend the attacks several days ago in order to ensure Israel's planned pullout from the occupied territory proceeds without disruption.
Of course, of course - you didn't fire this rocket, someone else near you has that kind of capability.

I don't believe them, can you tell? Still, chicken-hearted liars or not, I'm glad they say that they're going to stop firing rockets during a cease fire.

I'm glad they say it, but I find that I don't actually believe them. When do you think this world will produce something for me that I can believe? I am sincerely tired of being proven a gullible idiot time after painful time. There's no one out there telling us the truth, no one.

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