Thursday, August 4, 2005

Newsflash - Corzine Gave Big Presents

OK, a piece in the NYT today:

Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan to Head of Union
TRENTON, Aug. 3 - Senator Jon S. Corzine provided a $470,000 mortgage to the president of a union that represents thousands of New Jersey state employees in late 2002, then forgave the debt two years later.

The union president, Carla Katz, was Mr. Corzine's girlfriend at the time. The senator said on Wednesday that an investment company he owns gave her the mortgage, then canceled it in December 2004, several months after they had stopped dating.
So, a man gave a present - a very large monetary present, to his recent ex-girlfriend. A rich man. And this is a surprise, why? Because the woman has an important job?
The loan was not illegal, and Mr. Corzine said he took care of the required gift tax on the money he ended up giving to Ms. Katz.
Right. So, to recap - a rich man gave an awful lot of money to an attractive woman, and now someone is reporting on it because a labor union is endorsing a democrat.

Why did I bother even writing this?

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