Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Do You Already Read The Opinion Mill?

Because I do, and there's a post today that I love, love, love.
What Lee, Longstreet and Pickett understood -- and what the little generals of wingerdom do not seem to grasp -- is that military service is a two-way commitment. The soldier offers his pledge of obedience; the officer, in turn, gives his promise not to treat the soldier like a bag of garbage to be thrown in the face of the approaching enemy. We know that during his tenure as governor of Texas, George W. Bush treated pleas for clemency from Death Row prisoners with all the care of a landscaper tossing twigs into a wood chipper. The same scrupulousness helped inform the decision to send in just enough troops to carry out a quick invasion that looked good on television, but not nearly enough to keep the peace and prevent another Pandora's Box from being blown open in the Middle East.
"...not to treat the soldier like a bag of garbage...". I *knew* we were missing something.

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