Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to Tami's I go.

Surprise! (Are you sick of me again yet?) As was previously mentioned, the ever blogolicious Tami has deserted us again. (Insert pouty face here.) Yes, yes, I'm sure that we'd all like to spend a week or two crossing the vast wildlife preserves of Kenya, sampling exotic dishes made from bugs and wrestling adorable Kudu to the ground with our bare hands to cook them over an open fire. Sadly, such adventures seem to be reserved for the likes of Tami and other celestial beings of her status. That leaves the rest of us to tend the home fires and keep the blogs churning out inane doggerel witty repartee' for you to enjoy.

I've been granted the awesome power of Admin over Tami's blog during her absence, as she left in such a rush that she couldn't take care of some last minute items. It took me a full day to get over here and get started, for which I apologize. But I've now invited a few other bloggers to join me once again, so... let us entertain you.

The last thing she told me before she left was that I had free run of the place except I shouldn't change the design. So, stop back later this weekend to check out the new design, featuring naked pictures of Paris Hilton in both side borders.

I look forward to another fun filled week of blogging here, but if you get bored and I'm not grinding out enough content for you, be sure to stop by Running Scared, (my home blog where Tami is also an author) for more banal blathering.

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