Thursday, August 25, 2005

He Said, She Said

Or, what's probably more like it, "Reader #1 said, Reader #18 said".

The final letter on the page (I've left out her last name, although it's printed in the paper):
To the Editor:

I am only one small voice in this country, but I feel confident that people want to be optimistic about their lives and their country.

As I watch this country become so divided over the war, I wonder why the news media will not come together and support what our country is doing for another country. How long will our young brave individuals in our military continue to volunteer for all of us, given the constant barrage of negative information?

I remember Sept. 11 so very well and feeling that if there was ever a time we could depend on our neighbors, it was after those attacks. It was one of the only times I truly felt that this country was united.

This is again a time we need to unite, regardless of our political preferences.

Why can we not unite, Cindy? Answer me this, and I think you'll get it. Why is it that we all have to unite under the banner of *your* opinion, that we're doing something good for another country? Why can't we unite in the opinion that this war is helping no one and costing thousands of lives?

The news media cannot come together and support what our country is doing because members of the press hold different opinions of the worth and the effect of our actions.

Time to start thinking like a grown-up, sweetie. Acknowledge the shades of grey and live with a complicated world.

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