Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Talk It Like You Walk It

The Right has a big advantage over those of us who are not the Right: their pundits and writers have demonstrated an almost unbelievable willingness to say anything about anybody. Months ago, there weren't enough adjectives to describe Michael Schaivo's demeanor and actions. A few weeks back, right-wing bloggers and alleged reporters made vigorous efforts to tarnish Jimmy Carter's reputation. I don't have to explain the circumstances. You were here, too. You remember. The level of vitriol in our public discourse now does not speak well of us, and ours will be remembered as a time of unappealing histrionics.

But that's also a fine basis for satire, and what do we love more than a good laugh at the expense of macho drama queens? I suspect that in a few years, many of us will look back at the Bush Presidency, slap our foreheads and ask ourselves what we were thinking.

...if we aren't already. Cindy Sheehan's backstory is no laughing matter, but that a woman, a lawn chair and a floppy hat have put GW's back up against a wall is hilarious. And I can't say enough about it.

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