Tuesday, August 30, 2005


OK, everyone needs to stop being so all-fired stupid. NOW.

Evolution is true. TRUE. Did some "god" set it in motion? Maybe. Why is this so unacceptable to people? Why do they refuse to even try to think?

Morality is subjective, but in the end can be whittled down to the golden rule - "do unto others as you would have them do unto you. REMEMBER THAT.

Math is NOT subjective. God did not invent special rules of geometry for Christians. The Arabs and Euclid knew what they were talking about long before the current giant sky-god came along to save the human race.

Being a member of a specific ethnic group does not make you a bad person automatically, even if there should be some very high-profile bad people who are members of that ethnic group. Conversely, simply being a member of a group does not make you a good person, either. These classifications are built on merit, not birth or inclusion in a race or religion.

Trying to point out that classifying all people in a group as being one particular way is wrong does not necessarily mean that you are a member of the group you're defending. It just means that you're a person who thinks.

Don't be stupid, be a person who thinks. See the facts. That's all I ask.

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