Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Breakfast Time

When the DPW news broke, I dashed off a quick reactionary post. I was then taken to task in the comments for not knowing enough about the structure of DPW. Fair enough, I was wrong about the actual structure. I do not feel that I was wrong in my sentiment that the same rich white guys will be making money off of this deal no matter what "entity" is running port terminals leased by P&O.

Cut to today: I'm catching up over at Brilliant at Breakfast (because i do indeed think that Jill is often brilliant), and I find a post about the Carlyle group. Jill points us at this page, which shows a relationship between the Carlyle group and DPW.

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that whenever there's something that just doesn't feel right involving national security or other national emergencies, it's always either the Carlyle Group or Halliburton that's somehow involved?

Why yes, Jill, in fact I do.

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