Sunday, February 25, 2024

FML, 2024 Version

 I am in a rehab. I am spending a second night on a bed too small for me because someone messed up. PT came to evaluate me, and they'd been lied to about my ability to stand, pivot, and walk. They also kept using the word "baseline" incorrectly. Idiots. So many stupid people. So many smart people annoyed by having to work with the stupid ones. 

A nurse ignored my pain pill request because it was too close to the end of her shift. Whatever, but she didn't leave a note or anything that I had requested them. The floor aide was shocked. 

I wanted to be asleep by midnight. It is 1:20 in the morning. I finally got some pain medicine, the lights are still on in here, despite my request for dark, and every time someone opens the door to my room, a disgusting plume of "gas station bathroom" smell wafts in to my room. 

Oh, and I don't have the ability to turn the lights in my room on and off. Gotta ask. Every time. 

One last rude jab -what the hell does the hair on these women look like if they think these cheap-ass, janky looking wigs are *better*? One of them had something in her head that looked like an imitation beaver skin. 

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