Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Get Harsh Comments!

Someone who gives no forwarding address has written (in response to a Barry comment below):
Save your breath BNJ. People like Tami NEVER express outrage at the politicians who squander our money here in Jersey. They only express outrage at the hardworking taxpayer when said taxpayer declines to be good little sheep and sign over even MORE of their hard earned money to the crooks in Trenton so they can fuck us over even more.

I am a lifelong Democrat for what it's worth. But any REAL democrat would be outraged by the way the Jersey government is screwing hardworking overtaxed families. Any so called "Democrat" who's not furious at the plight of the NJ taxpayer care only about the Democratic PARTY and has long since ceased to care about the ideals on which that party was based.
Hoboken Eddy

So nice to meet you Eddy, and so glad you jumped right in with assumptions about my outrage levels! Let me get this straight - you think that I don't care about overspending, misappropriation of funds, and outright stealing because I'm a good Democrat who toes the party line? Well thank you very much, I guess the things that I write about mean nothing at all. You know, things like hating corruption, wondering why the hell we have a million and a half school superintendants and speculating on construction projects that have no business taking place at all, forget taking place over 3 to ten years. Things like specific suggestions about combining the administrative work for small school districts so we can stop wasting all the damn money to have superintendants in every corner. Crap like that, which I am way to annoyed to even go find for you in my archives. The kind of thing that I write to my legislators about, because they're the ones who MAKE LAWS.

Understanding that debts incurred by corrupt politicians still need to be paid and wanting to avoid those kinds of stupid-ass debts in the future are two different issues. Guess separating them out in more than one post is too hard for some people to understand.

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