Sunday, October 1, 2023

Again, I Realize that I'm a Fool

 "All I want is you!"

The words were so shocking to hear that they stick with me. They were just a drunken declaration. I knew that they were never true; or at least, if they were, that the concept of actually having me was too terrifying to achieve. 

Still, they were said, and they were heard, and I latched on, like a drowning person desperately grabbing on to a broken raft that will never keep them afloat. 

You do want me, but you want me as an addendum, not the main text. When you say "we", I am not the partner to whom you refer. The worst part is that no one in the world wonders who you mean, everyone in your life knows whom your primary is. 

When we're together, everything feels fine. When we're not, reality is all I feel, and reality is much harsher than I'd like. 

I know I chose this, but sometimes it hurts anyway.

The only reason that I'm hurting is because I choose to be The Fool.

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