Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Thought is Deed

Killing yourself is wrong, I get that. 

Murder is wrong. Taking someone’s life without prompt is wrong. I get that, too.

Planning murder, though, with no expectation of seeing it through? Still perfectly legal.

Not exactly sure who I’d plan to kill. My inner evil villain has several choices.

The whole concept of old-school Catholicism, where thinking about a sin was just as sinful as actually committing that sin, that never sat right with me. Thought is deed.

A Very Bad Poem

I gave you my very best toy, to protect, yes, but also to use and enjoy.

You triple wrapped it with bubble wrap to make sure it was never harmed, but then you left it on the shelf, checking every so often to make sure it was still there, and played with other toys instead. 

It’s not that my toy was any better than those, it’s just that it was my favorite, and I wanted to share it with you.

Now, wrapped safely on that shelf, neither one of us gets to enjoy it.

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