Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Know I'm Slow

I just got around to watching the "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" episode of Torchwood. OK, people were right, it was pretty hot. I really do like that show.

Also last night, I made Alton Brown's pomegranate lamb recipe.

It's the fourth time I've taken the time to make this, and it's always worth it. You have to be careful not to overcook the pomegranate molasses, though, one second it's heavenly deliciousness, and the next it's a bitter waste of time. I've learned a couple of things in making this recipe multiple times:
- 70 minutes isn't enough time to cook the molasses, but 3 hours is too much. Stop before it gets thick enough to be called real molasses.
- I like my lamb cooked to 145 degrees, not 130. I like rare meat, but that was so rare as to be chewy.
- When it's done, it's so incredibly tasty that it's worth whatever exorbitant price you had to pay for pomegranate juice and lamb.

OK, I suppose I could make the juice from scratch for less money, but holy cow, even I'm not that dedicated.

Going home sick makes for better dinner options. My original plan was to have a Healthy Choice frozen dinner.

Last night I was explaining how I'm tired of giving my political opinions. I've stated them all here, over and over, and it's not like they've changed. So today, you get TV and food. This is what it's like in my brain when I put the blinders on. I'll take them off, soon, though.

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