Thursday, January 4, 2007

Rabbit Season, Duck Season...

...nope, it's Diet Season. New Year's is resolution time, when a gazillion people go on diets. For those of you who think that pills on the American market are the answer to your weight loss woes, let me once again remind you that pills are crap. If pills worked, we'd all take them, and we'd all be skinny. Because I know this, I am not at all surprised when I read that the Federal Trade Commission is fining 4 diet pill manufacturers for false claims.
[FTC Commissioner Deborah Platt] Majoras, speaking on TODAY, said the FTC investigation found that the marketers of Xenadrine had a study that said those who took a placebo actually lost more weight than those taking the pill.

"They not only didn't have studies to support the claim, they actually had a study that went the other way," she said.
I guess that there are some diet pills out there that really do work, like phen-fen, which was dangerous enough for the FDA to yank, and, of course, speed, but, um...

Yeah, I'd take them too, if they'd let me. Which brings us to the next article on MSNBC, Reading diet articles linked to eating disorders.

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