Monday, April 16, 2007

Wolfman Fairies Dressed in Drag for Homicide

Holy crap. There I was, waiting in the long line of cars to see where the detour was leading us so that I might eventually get to work today, when the universe sent me a sign that I should cut it the hell out. That's when I called my boss and left the follwing message:

"Hey, it's Tami, I was trying to get to the office, but the weather wins. I've been on the road for 40 minutes and I haven't left Somerset, because oh my god is it flooded, here. I was all right until I saw the ambulance towing a rescue boat pass me. I'm going to head home where there's a foot of water in the basement, I can do some work on the laptop without logging in."

OK, I exaggerated, there's only about 8 inches of water in my basement. And really, I'm only going to do the amount of work I have to in order to keep from screwing up my deadlines.

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