Friday, April 6, 2007

My Local News Sometimes Goes National

Perhaps you've heard about the FBI agent shot at the scene of an attempted bank robbery, yesterday April 5, 2007? They caught two of the perpetrators yesterday, and I read that today they've caught the third.

The robbery attempt was in Readington Twp, NJ, which is in my county, and not all that far from my gym. It was all anyone could talk about around the treadmills last night, which made it kind of surreal when it was on the TVs over the treadmills at the same time. All three of the alleged criminals are from New Brunswick, the town next to mine, so my whole ride home was peppered with an actual dragnet of cops. They were everywhere, man. My ride home was creepy. Also, my ride home was conducted at exactly the speed limit. Now I know it takes me 28 minutes to go 8 miles.

I find it odd to read that this is the first FBI agent to be killed by a bullet in 10 years. I also find it odd to read this:
The authorities said the robbers in those cases wore ski masks, baseball hats, black gloves, hooded sweatshirts, trench coats and work boots, and carried a big money bag.
A big money bag? Did it have a dollar sign on the side of it or something?

All of it seems surreal to me, even though I saw the effects of it on the area first hand.

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