Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus Fired, Breaks Corzine's Leg

I am completely shocked that Imus' radio show has been cancelled. See, I never thought he was funny, but after 30 years, I didn't think it mattered any more what he said. Well, the world went and proved me wrong, when an off-hand insult to women athletes that was probably uttered without significant thought caused a giant uproar.

The hoopla in the media went so far as to get to the point where Imus was to apologize in person to the Rutgers women's basketball team. The meeting was to take place at Drumthwacket, and Governor Corzine was to attend.

Yes, he was scheduled to be there, but on his way, his SUV was hit by a white truck that swerved when cut off by a red truck. A lot of trucks in this story. Now Corzine's in critical but stable condition, with a laundry list of broken stuff:
When Corzine arrived at the hospital, doctors said he was conscious but had suffered several injuries: a femur bone broken in two places that had lacerated his skin, a broken sternum, six broken ribs on each side, a head laceration and a minor fracture on a lower vertebrae.
So here's my logic - if Imus hadn't been so flippant about other people's reputations and feelings, Corzine wouldn't be facing months of rehab. Bad Karma going on here, people.

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