Monday, April 2, 2007

So Many Things

So the first thing I noticed this morning is that Running Scared is down. No response yet, btw, so I'm still pissed off.

Then, I went and checked for bad news on the blog of a friend. Bad news obliged me by showing up right on top.

Then, I tried to get a handle on the 3 projects I'm doing at work.

I have 2 personal projects I need to get a handle on, today, as well.

I have 1 personal project that I need to let go of because I just can't figure out when to do it (I probably could have been doing that instead of this).

My cousin is still in the hospital after her back surgery, causing everyone stress, because we thought she'd be home by now and she didn't think that she'd hurt as much as she does.

Tonight's the first seder, and I don't know if anyone in my family, including me, is going to be able to show up.

I cooked a brisket yesterday, anyway.

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