Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Trend Towards Food Blogs

Sharon GR has one, Jill is talking about starting one, Tata's blog has long been food inclusive, and we all know of my fascination with cheese, and perhaps now, brisket.

Head CakeI haven't ever even mentioned my fascination with making cake sculptures. (I should have trimmed that mustache a bit, huh?)

Dino Cake

Still, last night, as I wandered close to awakening, I very vividly dreamed of making up a pan of scrambled egg whites with shallots in truffle oil. When I actually did awaken, I realized that I don't have any truffle oil and I was disappointed.

Now I wonder why so many smart women I know are thinking about food so much, lately. Is it because politics has finally sent our brains running to something we can actually control? Maybe, but at least this neurotic retreat contains actual nutrition.

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