Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Losing My Religion

Look, I'm not in Israel right now, so I can't see what's actually going on.
I read a lot of reports (like this one) that Israeli soldiers are overtly violent, and causing clashes. Every time I see a report like that it makes me very sad, indeed. I need to feel like the side I'm on is the side of peace, and these reports do not make me feel like that.

I've been pro-Israel for so long that it's hard for me to believe these things. A voice in my mind tells me that sometimes journalists lie, or spin the truth. While that does indeed, happen, one of the other voices in my mind (what, you don't have multiples) tells me that I am not that naive, and that Israel is definitely more aggressive than I can legitimately support. Plus, the whole Lebanon debacle... I cannot believe that when Israel invaded, they didn't just go in full-force and destroy everything. Yes, that's terrible, and yes that's beyond destructive, but it would have at least declared them the winner, which their half-assed Rumsfeld-style attack did NOT.

So here's my philosophy - don't attack, and if you do attack, win. Stop acting like a brute force without a brain at home, and try to keep the respect of the people who support you.

I find I am still pro-Israel, if pro-Israel means that I want there to be an Israel. I cannot, however, support policies that eliminate all possibilities of non-violent negotiations.

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