Wednesday, April 18, 2007

As Seen on TV

You may or may not know, I'm a big fan of General Hospital. I love that silly soap opera. To me, it embodies all the ridiculous and melodramatic things that can ever happen to a person, all happening at once, over and over again, to the same set of people. To be fair, the set of people does change sloooooowly over time.

Anyway, lately there's a story line featuring two particularly good-looking young men, Coop and Logan.

Logan and Coop are two half-bad, half-good guys, which makes no sense at all, but that's not important right now. Their characters are two young men who are back from Iraq, where they were MP's, and in to some questionable endeavors. Every time I see them, I wonder what it is about them that bothers me. It's not their dubious moral code, that's standard for soap operas, and it's not that they're unusually good looking, also standard fare. Still, something about them just doesn't sit right. What could it be? They're just young men who went to war, and now are having trouble adjusting to life back on the home front - wait, that's it - they've come home whole and sane. That's what seems so wrong.

*bonus unverified soap-secret conjecture: I suspect that Scotty is Logan's father!

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