Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Way Ticket

OK, a recent survey at Beliefnet proves it: conservatives are more judgmental than liberals.
Asked to rate their "chances that you might go to hell," 46% of self-identified conservatives said "not a chance"—compared with 28% of liberals. Born-again Christians were the most upbeat about their odds: 55% said "not a chance" compared with 21% of Roman Catholics; 56% of those who filled out the survey thought they knew one or more people who were "probably" headed south, with 64% of conservatives saying yes and only 47% of liberals. Conservatives, and men, are more likely to believe in hell as a physical place with fire and demons, as opposed to a spiritual state of separation from God.
Wow. I don't know about you, but there's nothing I find more attractive that someone who takes religious lore literally. Oh, yeah, gimme a man who doesn't want to think for himself every time, baby.

What? I shouldn't say things like that because conservatives might believe me? Yeesh.

Yes, I know, I should not be mocking what people believe, but I do think that it's my place as a snarky woman who blogs to mock those that think they're so superior that they're going to heaven while they watch their friends and family "head south".
Most people said the doomed are "acquaintances," but almost 25% said the hellbound are members of their own families.
Still, if you think I'm snarky, get a load of the last paragraph in the article:
In what may be a worrisome sign of the state of family relations, those who thought their family members were headed down were very likely to think of hell as a place of fire and torment. Oh, and eternal. It was unclear whether the respondents were expressing a prediction or a wish.
Very nice.

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