Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Write Stuff in Other Places

I posted this on skippy, the bush kangaroo: (I left it lower-case out of laziness)
free man
leak counsel won't charge rove, lawyer announces
in a statement, mr. luskin said, "on june 12, 2006, special counsel patrick fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against karl rove."
not "finds no evidence to support seeking charges", just that he doesn't anticipate doing so. great. nothing i like better out of an investigation than no explanations whatsoever.

when i was 22, i got a speeding ticket when i wasn't speeding. when i went to court, the cop wasn't there, and the judge basically told me, "you're guilty because i say so". this news gives me the same kind of feeling as the situation that night did.
Then, I immediately got this comment - this anonymous comment:
Why do you blog?

And what does your ignorance of the law and your unwillingness to appeal a charge that had no witness have to do with Rove?
Wow. I try to convey a feeling of powerlessness and dismay, and it gets me insulted. Terrific. I thought about replying on the site, but that felt like feeding the trolls. Instead, I went with my second thought, vent here, in my personal blog space.

Know what kills me most? I am not ignorant of the law, damn it! What do you do when you say that x and y are true, and all the people standing around you say, "Too bad."?

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