Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Cheese Blogging IV

I said there would be cheese!

This week I focus on a cheese that I personally find very delicious.

Tetilla Cheese
Queso Tetilla
D.O.: Made in Galicia, the northernmost, westernmost region of Spain, from whole, pasteurized cow├é’s milk, Tetilla is a classic table cheese. Springy and elastic in texture, buttery and tart on the palate with a hint of grassiness, Tetilla is, as its name infers, shaped like a breast. The thick rind is not great for eating, but the mild, creamy paste inside is. Also great for melting.

Region: Galacia
Country: Spain
Type: Semi-Soft
Beverage: White and Dry
Milk: Pasteurized Cow

So yummy at room temperature that I would turn it over and use the rind as a bowl while I ate it with a spoon.

And yes, it looks like a breast. Maybe not so much in that picture, but in person? Embarrassingly so.

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