Friday, April 8, 2005

When You Least Expect It

I never thought that this kind of thing would come out of the Pope's dying - seems that this morning (last night, today, whatever), that the leaders of Syria and Iran forgot to act like crazy separatists and treated Israeli President Moshe Katsav like a fellow human being. And he did it back!
"I told him 'Good morning' and he shook my hand," Katsav, who holds a largely ceremonial post as head of state, told Israel's Channel 2 TV on his encounter with Assad. The Israeli and Syrian delegations had been seated next to each other.

Iranian-born Katsav said he spoke in his native Farsi to Khatami about their common city of birth. Iran officially seeks Israel's destruction.

"The president of Iran extended his hand to me, I shook it and told him in Farsi, 'May peace be upon you'," said Katsav.
Good behavior seen at a solemn occasion? Do you think it might catch on?

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