Friday, April 15, 2005

Too Lazy to Make My Own

Too lazy to make my own post, I'm hijacking one from Running Scared:

Avi and Russel - a love story

Jazz talks about an Israeli couple who have gone to Canada to marry. They state their intent of having Israel recognize their marriage. Jazz says:
I don't know if they will face an easier time than here in the current Christo-fascist climate in America, or a harder time. Perhaps some of our Jewish authors/readers can help me out there. I really have no idea what the prevailing view of gays and lesbians is in Israel. I sort of have the impression that most of the homophobic trends in religion came from the old testament... Leviticus and that crowd. Then again, I could be totally off base. Perhaps they embrace a far more tolerant society there than we currently have in the U.S.
Now, I've got me a bona-fide B.A. in Hebraic Studies, I do, so I answered in a comment:
Ooh, I suspect they'll have a real stone bitch of a time. The laws in Israel, unlike the laws here, really *are* Old Testament based. I mean, people aren't putting out each other's eyes for stealing goats, but there's a serious religious base, and it's on purpose. If these two gentlemen manage to get their status changed, I'll be really surprised.

Jews don't spend a lot of time talking about sin and punishment because the emphasis is that punishment for sins against man is given out by man, and punishment for sins against G-d (I had a really hard time deciding how to write that) will be given out by G-d, but you know that the Orthodox feel that we're on earth to "be fruitful and multiply". Homosexuality doesn't fit in with that agenda.
Personally, I think that if 2 men or 2 women want to get married, they should go on ahead. It doesn't hurt anyone for these people to be happy. This is a prime example of a reason why I call myself a bad Jew - I know all the rules, but I just can't follow them. Can't, or won't, but definitely don't. And yet, I know that I'm Jewish, I guess I should cut all the non-dogmatic people out there who call themselves Catholic a break, huh?

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