Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's Almost Enough... make me think of becoming a Republican.

(via Atrios)
Erosion of Estate Tax Is a Lesson in Politics

Washington has been changing the estate tax. Heck, Republicans want to eliminate it. They speak of "death taxes" and equal treatment for "paupers and billionaires". Well, here's the thing - The portion of an estate exempted from taxation this year is 1.5 million dollars. Next year it goes to 2 million. Now, as things stand, my father's estate isn't anywhere near this. But hey, dad's not an old man, yet, he's got plenty of years to live. What if he takes his comfy nest egg and hits it big with one of his investments? Wouldn't I then want the amount exempted raised to 3.5 million dollars, or even eliminated, as proposed? Because, you know, as much as I love him, I understand that everyone eventually dies, and then, well... kaching!

Do you know me at all? Because if you do, then you know that my answer is "of course not". As much as I feel that tug in my gut that says "Hey, your dad made that money, now it should be yours - OK, mine and my sister's, I know better. I still seem to be one of the few people who keeps saying out loud that we need ACTUAL money to pay for the running of the country, and the rich are the ones who can afford to give it out. This money must come from somewhere, why not those who aren't subject to poverty without that certain percentage? If at some crazy point in the future, I was to find myself actually rich, I would understand that this comes with taxes to match, because I am not a spoiled child who wants to have all the benefits with none of the hard work.

Wait - that came out wrong, seeing as I do actually want all of the benefits with none of the hard work. I want it, but I understand that life does not work that way. If it did, I'd also be able to shoot lightning out of my fingertips and be able to communicate telepathically with animals.

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