Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Think It's Politics as Usual

A friend pointed out this article to me:

Probe reveals Vatican priest's clandestine past
(note - why isn't this headline capitalized properly?)
An investigation into communist-era persecution of the Roman Catholic church in Poland turned up documents showing that the Rev. Konrad Stanislaw Hejmo, a Dominican, "was a secret collaborator of the Polish secret services under the names of Hejnal and Dominik," said Leon Kieres, head of the state-run National Remembrance Institute that investigated Nazi and communist crimes in Poland.

Hejmo’s Dominican superior, the Rev. Maciej Zieba, said he saw the files, which he termed "convincing and shocking."
No surprise to me. Maybe there are some people out there who think that priests are incorruptible, but those folks also believe that I'm going to hell, so I could care less about them. Unless they try and *send* me to hell, I guess, but I digress. People are people, and people like money and power. I personally believe that the whole concept of the confessional was set up so that the Church could have secrets to use against kings.

The idea that a priest was acting as a spy surprises me not at all. The fact that someone discovered it while he's still alive, well, that does.

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