Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Rational Measures

We all know that terrible things are going on in Darfur. I would venture to say that the majority of us would be glad to hear that the acts of genocide being committed had stopped, and that an entire race of people is no longer being systematically wiped out. I would venture even further to say that there's a goodly number of people who want something done about it. But what? Send over the military? That doesn't seem like such a keen idea ever since we got so bogged down in Iraq that we're beginning to understand that we're there for the long haul. So, without violence, what's a country to do?

Withhold other things. There's a bill sponsored by senators Corzine, Brownback, Dodd, Durbin, Feingold, Lieberman, Talent, Dewine, and Coburn that proposes doing exactly that. It includes things like an extension on the arms embargo (yes, we should STOP SENDING MORE WEAPONS), and sanctions against people performing these atrocities. Sanctions against people, against a government, not violence against innocent citizens. These are the kind of steps that should be taken before violence is resorted to. Sometimes they even work.

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