Monday, April 25, 2005

Once Again, I'm Thrown

Syria is keeping their promise to withdraw from Lebanon.

Syria Intelligence Quits Lebanon HQ After 29 Years
ANJAR, Lebanon (Reuters) - Syrian intelligence quit its Lebanese headquarters in the border town of Anjar on Monday, virtually completing a pullout of Syrian forces from Lebanon and ending Damascus' 29-year domination.
Now, mind you, I do not know what this means for the area, I simply can't read it. Will it be a time of Lebanese unity, or will there be unrest caused simply by the idea that things are changing? Will the newly liberated Lebanese government continue along the lines it's been travelling, or will new and surprising revelations be made? I have no idea.

Strangest of all is the fact that I can't seem to recall the last time I heard news like this - news of a country making a military promise and then fulfilling it within the time period allotted. If you had asked me a few months ago what countries, under duress, could be counted on to behave like rational adults and not cause chaotic misery, I don't think that I would have come up with Syria right off the bat.

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