Friday, March 25, 2005

We need a reminder

That Tom DeLay is surrounded by scandal for improper political conduct. *I* was reminded by C.B.

DeLay at center of political storm
His troubles began last fall, when three political fund-raisers with ties to him were indicted in his home state of Texas. Then the House ethics committee admonished him, not once but three times. Since then, questions have been raised about whether he knew about the dubious sources of money behind trips he took to Britain and South Korea.

Right! I forgot he did those things! I was so busy being outraged at his pompous windbag speech about how the whole Terri Schiavo case is about *him*, I was distracted!

Oh, and I also forgot that he's not just nutty about that, but rather he's pretentious and holier-than thou in a general sense:
Ahead of the 2000 presidential race, he outlined a vision where "we march forward with a biblical worldview, a worldview that says God is our Creator, that man is a sinner, and that we will save this country by changing the hearts and minds of Americans."
What the hell is that all about? Is he saying that the USA is a nation of sinners, and it's up to congress to save our souls? That's appalling!

This man makes me feel like I have to say things out loud, like "The world can't be judged in black and white, every situation has shades of grey", and "Saying that you can take the side of Good or Evil is such a simplistic childish notion, that it cannot seriously be discussed on an adult level". I'm forced to iterate truths that I hold to be self-evident, you know what I mean?

Throw on top of that the fact that he's obviously weasely about money, and I'm at a loss to undertsand why people support him.

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