Thursday, March 10, 2005

Email Conversation of the Day

I realy wanted to share this conversation with the world:

>>> And I want to help other people and further government social
>>>programs. People hate me for that, now, too.

>>I can't remember where I saw it because I've been
>>hopscotching all over
>>the blogosphere at night but I found a great suggestion: the neocons
>>whole schtick is being serious and grownup and intimidation. What we
>>need is a world-wide game of Point&Laugh. It'd screw things
>>up royally
>>if we all just laughed at their every suggestion.

>>Subtext: tiny wee wees = tiny brains.

> I can just see my next post: Survey Shows Neocons have Tiny, Tiny
> Penises.

We've found our Gigi!

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