Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I know I'm ignoring the big stuff

But sometimes I like to blog about positive stories. I was reading over at JoeTerrito.com, and I liked this very much:

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The photographers -- people like William Coupon, whose pictures have graced the cover of Time magazine, and Martin Schoeller, who hasphotographed Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx -- have volunteered their time to give these children a better shot at finding adoptive homes.

The collaboration is called the Heart Gallery -- an idea that began in 2001 in Sante Fe, N.M.,and soon spread to Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio and Connecticut. Last fall, in Hartford, Conn., 40 photographs of foster children led to 19 adoptions of hard-to-place children.


The main mission of the Heart Gallery, said Van Hemmen, "is to find homes for as many of these kids as we possibly can, but I also hope it will raise awareness. There are many great kids in the foster system who deserve a break. Many of them have gotten lost. Hopefully, the Heart Gallery will change that."

For more information about the children or the Heart Gallery project, go to www.heartgallerynj.com or call (800) 99ADOPT. Donations may be made to Heart Gallery of New Jersey, P.O. Box 4139, Clifton, N.J. 07012.

Helping kids find homes is a cause I like. Now you know.

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