Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More two-faced talking

OK, so I hate war. I hate the whole "we kill more of your people than you kill of ours, so we WIN" thing. The dizzying kind of hate.

I dislike the fact that people design and create weapons that can kill more efficiently, even when they pose less danger to the person wielding that weapon. I have spoken out about this, just yesterday. But today, I was thinking about gun control again, and how I would never go to war to depose a regime in another country unasked, but I would absolutely shoot someone who was breaking in to my house with the intention of harming me or a loved one. And if that other country with the unlovable regime that I've just mentioned, if they asked for help, I don't know that I'd be quite as loathe to provide it.

I'm anti-invasion, but not necessarily anti-revolution.

"America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling."

And I can't say that the idea of a robot that you can control from a distance and shoot stuff with isn't technologically cool. As gizmos go, it's pretty stylin'.

What is with my brain, already?

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