Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Line's Still There...

Stepping over it is never a good move. Goose-stepping even more so.

Prince Harry Wears a Stupid-Ass Costume

Any story about royalty will always get my attention. Throw in Jewish indignation, and I'm all over it.

So, who's to blame for this idiocy? Everyone, of course:

Parents should make sure that their children understand that threatening political/militarily figures who are associated with death and loss are a really bad idea for a costume. A Nazi Stormtrooper isn't fun the way a Star Wars Stormtrooper is - ever. Actually dressing as Hitler is the only way I can think of to send a worse message. Now, I am of course, reminded of South Park, and the episode where Cartman dressed as Hitler for Halloween.

Prince Harry needs to remember that he's a public figure, and even things like a costume will be seen by the multitudes and taken apart teeny bit by teeny bit. And, in fact, I'm wondering about the report of his brother's costume, which I read included a "leopardskin leotard with matching tail and paws". Sounds... form fitting. Back to Harry - he needs to get it that he's under the microscope. But still...

People in General should understand that Prince Harry is 20. He hasn't dealt with a whole lot of soul-rending loss. He probably has no honest idea about how badly a costume like that can make people feel. I think that the President of Israel's reaction was probably reasonable. I expect that to him, dressing like a "bad guy" was probably the intent, and who hasn't wanted to dress as the villain once or twice?

Which brings me back to South Park again, and the episode where they realize that AIDS has been around long enough that it's finally OK to make jokes about it. "Yay, people are desensitized to the tragedy, we're all allowed to laugh, now!" Oy.

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